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Small Business Bookkeeping for Self Employed, Corporate, LLC, Non-Profit, Estate and Partnerships

Kendall Financial Services focuses on a variety of ethical codes and standards, all of which ultimately preserve the financial integrity of your small business:

  • Preparing accurate financial reports
  • Maintaining accurate sales and revenue records
  • Accurately classifying costs and expenses
  • Maintaining accurate books and records
  • Ensuring that adequate reporting procedures and financing controls are in place
  • Demonstrating a company-wide commitment to ethics and compliance
  • Establishing a code of conduct
  • Providing a means to report problems, especially financial fraud issues.

Available services include:

  • *Quickbooks** online version – access from any PC
  • *Quickbooks** desktop version via the Cloud

Data Entry Includes:

  • Record Debit and EFT Transactions
  • Record Bank Charges
  • Prepare Bank Reconciliation
  • Prepare Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Loan Amortization (Principal & Interest) Journal Entries
  • Payroll Journal Entries
  • End of Year Journal Entries to reconcile your financial statements to your tax returns

Financial Reports:

  • Profit & Loss – Month
  • Profit & Loss – Year to Date
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Bank Reconciliation Report

Virtual Services:

The goal is to have your records available online. Until that time, they can be faxed or sent as PDF to your secure client portal.

  • Bank statements
  • Check stubs
  • Credit card statements
  • Loan statements
  • Invoices for asset purchases
  • Deposit details