Investor Visas

Investor Visas

EB5 Green Card

A green card is available to the investor, spouse & dependents under 21 years.

The investor needs to invest $500,000 (or $1m) and create 10 full time jobs.

Most investors invest in a regional center, which allows indirect jobs to be counted in addition to direct jobs.

E2 Visa

A visa is granted to the investor, spouse & dependents under 21 years.

There is no fixed amount of investment required, but it must be substantial & can be in an existing or new business.

This is a popular choice for new business start ups.

L Visa

Executives, managers and employees with a specialized skill can be transferred to the US to work in the US branch. Such a US office can already exist or be a new office start up. The L visa is very popular and provides a visa & work permit for you and your spouse.

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